I’m definitely a kinesthetic learner.

I can’t sit still for long I’m a fidgety kind of gal.

With this in mind I’m always looking for something new to try, be it drawing, sewing, knitting, going to the gym (this last one in particular is not a fave!) Ha ha. So what’s next I asked myself??

Photography? Yes but goodness where to start, the array of cameras. Do I want a point and shoot, a digital compact, a DSLR? I’ve read and cross referenced bought camera know how magazines until I’m more confused than when I started.

With the little I gleaned I realised I didn’t want just a point and shoot but I’m no where near using a DSLR with all the lenses plus the fact given my track record how long will this David Bailey career last. In the end I opted for a middle of the road digital compact camera, so off I went to a local store and purchased a Canon PowerShot SX700 HS. I was so thrilled bought a camera bag too. The camera is lovely takes a great photo though I have to say I’ve taken some great photos of the carpet, my feet and my face when I’ve accidentally flipped the screen! 😂

What I didn’t allow for? Feeling a right numpty with my camera in hand feeling like a peeping Tom! How do other people do it, do I pretend I know what I’m doing, crickey this is harder than I thought and needless to say the camera is sitting in its lovely bag I bought and I’ve had to charge the battery twice as I’ve left it go for so long.


Football training

I’m sure I’m not alone here. Sitting for hours a week whilst my youngest little darling has his training. At least tonight it’s indoors so I get to sit in the centres cafe drinking a not too bad coffee in relative warmth. I find my self looking at Facebook, twitter and instagram over and over hoping to find something new within the last 2 minutes I checked. The rest of the time is spent people watching, one of my favourite pastimes. 

Today though I have been a little more organised, I’ve typed up some notes and have brought my newest book ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking. 

One thing I have noticed is that it didn’t start to get dark until 5pm so that’s a bonus. As tomorrow football training is outside on AstroTurf so my evening will be spent in the car turning the engine on and off as I warm up then get too hot and need to cool down only to start shivering and it all starts again. 

Stil as long as my little darling is happy. 😘⚽️

Discovering Hygge.

My use of candles has developed over the years from my first experience of my sister and I using a candle to go down the garden of our house to the toilet  at the bottom of the garden when we were small and then my memories of numerous power cuts where we would sit around the open fire playing games such as ‘boy, girl, fruit, flower, one of us choosing a letter from the alphabet and you have a game.

Nowadays I find myself lighting numerous candles scented and unscented on a daily basis just for aesthetic effect. They have a settling effect on me and make me smile smugly to myself I know not why but they do. They transform any room or space into a grotto of flickering shapes that I find mesmerizing its a comfort on a par with a baby and their soother.

When I come home at anytime of day be it after the school run in the morning or anytime really, one of the first things I do is light the scented candles its such a homely thing having beautiful smells around you.

‘Hygge’ A Danish word the definition,’ living cosily, family and friends’ is just a small part of its meaning..  it’s something I stumbled upon by accident looking for inspiration for Christmas presents, one of the website’s had this little book and I discovered to my joy that its something I strive to do daily. A cosy blanket, a good book, a hot drink, candles, anopen fire, family and friends. I was sold. I googled, Pinterest, researched Instagram and  Facebooked I couldn’t get enough info on it I loved the concept.

I’ve enjoyed reading about people’s ideas and concepts of how they live by this and so apparently the Danes are one of the happiest nation’s on earth despite living in darkness and freezing temperatures for so much longer than most other nations. There is much to be learned from this people.

Christmas @home

‘Merry Christmas’ oh yes it is, but what comes with this is madness and chaos. Our house like most is chaotic at best, with four grown up children and their respective spouses and partners who descend enmass early Christmas morning pile into the living room to see their youngest sibling who is only seven years old open his presents. Then on to their own piles of presents enough to opens a gift shop right there!

Breakfast is a tradition in our house, American pancakes with bananas and caramel sauce or bacon and maple syrup. I’ll light the pizza oven which was my Christmas present, says my other half, cook the bacon on there out come the bacon also some sausages, by this time I’m starting to feel uneasy I need to get meat in the oven and I haven’t showered yet,  already the joy is slipping away from me. Calm down I tell myself as does my other half, this only serves to make me more uptight.

They’re all fed and happy oh how they love the pancakes, they leave loaded down with their gifts to get themselves organised to be back for lunch,  I still haven’t got in the shower …..

Why is there so much food! We end up eating at about 2pm which is great but guess what I still haven’t been able to get in the shower!

My other half and I exchange gifts at approximately 10pm! Next Christmas I think we’ll be finding a nice pub to have Christmas dinner at  where I can be waited on for a change.

Bah humbug.